Hospitals currently eligible for support by The Foundation of Hope for Children's Hospitals



Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children - Vancouver, BC


Sunny Hill is a tertiary care facility that offers inpatient and outpatient service to children with developmental disabilities.  Examples of the results of charitable donations include a van that provides Sunny Hill's outreach services increased access across the province, and equipment such as a neurodiagnostic unit and communication devices (talking computers) for non-speaking children in the "I Can Talk, Too" Program.


Project:             "I Can Talk, Too" Program

Total Cost:        $150,000 Annually  - Our goal is to provide $20,000 to purchase equipment and            

                        technical upgrades


Alberta Children's Hospital - Calgary, AB


Alberta Children's Hospital covers children's health across Alberta, southwestern Saskatchewan and southeastern BC.  The hospital runs a pediatric trauma centre and 24-hour emergency services, and has specialty programs in oncology and bone marrow transplants, and in burns and plastic surgery.  It also supports outpatient clinics called DAT (Diagnostic Assessment & Treatment) clinics dealing with many conditions including asthma, hemophilia, and cystic fibrosis.  DAT outpatient visits total over 75,000 per year.


Children's Health Foundation - Edmonton, AB


Children's Health Foundation provides funds devoted solely to enhancing child health services throughout northern Alberta, and parts of northern BC and Saskatchewan and southern Northwest Territories.  Five Children's Health Centre sites included are:  1) Stollery Children's Health Centre, 2) Royal Alexandra Hospital, 3) Misericordia Community Hospital & Health Centre, 4) Grey Nuns Community Hospital & Health Centre, and 5) Sturgeon Community Hospital & Health Centre.


Royal University Hospital - Saskatoon, SK


As there is not a specific children's hospital in Saskatchewan, children's medical needs are met mainly through the Royal University Hospital.  It provides both in and outpatient services.  Funds raised are used for equipment and programs such as the pulmonary function lab, for research, and for the Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program which services kids with physical and intellectual disabilities and/or genetic disorders.


Children's Hospital of the Health Sciences Centre - Winnipeg, MB


Children's Hospital of the Health Sciences Centre services the health care needs for children of Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.  Funding is used mainly to purchase equipment and support childhood health research.


Children's Hospital of Western Ontario - London, ON


Children's Hospital of Western Ontario provides services to the children of southwestern Ontario.  CHWO uses funds to purchase pediatric equipment, support research into children's health issues, and to maintain special programs such as art therapy, a program unique to North America for children with cancer.


The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto, ON


The Hospital for Sick Children is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Toronto, and is one of the largest and most well-known pediatric academic health science centres in the world.  It services patients mainly

from Toronto, but patients also originate from other parts of Canada and the world.  Funds donated to Sick Kids support the purchase of equipment, special programs, and training of graduate students.


Project:             Aphoresis Machine (filters blood and collects stem cells for bone marrow transplants)

Total Cost:        $65,000.00


Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario - Ottawa, ON


Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Ottawa.  Donated funds are used for equipment, research and programs such as toys and books.  Of the many services provided, a few include neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, a medical day unit providing complex treatments (ie oncology programs), pediatric cardiovascular surgery, and an internationally recognized program for hearing impaired and deaf children.


Montreal Children's Hospital - Montreal, QC


Montreal Children's Hospital is a teaching hospital associated with McGill University, with an international reputation of excellence in specialized surgery (heart surgery, neurosurgery, transplantation and reconstruction), specialized multidisciplinary care, assessment and short term management of children with atypical development, and care of critically ill infants and children.  Funds are used to support construction and renovation of facilities (ie the recently renovated Emergency Room, one of the busiest in North America, sees about 225 patients per day), research, teaching, and the purchase of specialized equipment such as a digital EEG system and an AV sequential pacemaker.


Project:                         Retinal Vitrector Surgery Machine

Total Cost:                    $80,000.00


IWK Grace Health Centre - Halifax, NS


IWK is a combined women's and children's facility that services all three maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island).  Donations for the children's centre are used primarily for the purchase of equipment, updating the facilities, supporting research, and for developing special programs.  These special programs include providing tutoring for long term patients, life adjustment preparation, and play programs.  Telehealth and traveling clinics are also provided.


Janeway Children's Hospital - St. John's, NF


Janeway Children's Hospital specializes in complete care for the children of Newfoundland and Labrador.   Funds donated to the hospital are used for developing programs such as child psychiatry and teleconferencing, for the purchase of equipment such as a heart echo machine, and for supporting research into children's health issues.


Project:                         Neonatal Volume Ventilator

Total Cost:                    $30,000.00




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